Prescription Requests & Refills

It is the policy of the Practice to manage prescription requests and refills in a timely manner that is conducive to quality patient care and patient satisfaction. Patients are encouraged to directly contact their pharmacy first to determine if a refill has been approved and to request dispensing accordingly. Patients are directed to the Practice if no more refills are available and/or if the request is new.


  1. The Practice schedules an appointment for a patient requesting a renewal of an existing medication if the patient has not been seen for more than 3 months. The Practice schedules an appointment for a patient requesting a new medication. Requests for a new prescription or from a patient not seen for more than 3 months are not honored over the telephone or by other means, unless approved by a provider.
  2. A trained medical assistant manages the prescription renewal process. All patient requests are documented in the patient’s medical record. The documentation includes detailed information about the medication, as well as the date and initials of the employee filling the request.
  3. A provider reviews each request and signs his or her approval electronically or manually. When approved, pending prescriptions are transmitted to the pharmacy immediately. This process is consistent with the times outlined below.
  4. The Practice accepts renewal requests via its dedicated renewal telephone line  210-268-0129 EXT. 3 or through secure electronic communication via our web-based Patient Portal. Morning requests are checked and processed by noon every day, and afternoon requests are checked and processed by 5 p.m. every day. Requests received after 4:30 p.m. are handled as a morning request.

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