Pain Management Services

At Tricity Pain Associates, we offer a variety of procedures to treat conditions that create chronic pain in areas of the body through innovative treatment options. Our team of pain management specialists is skilled in treating neck and back conditions with minimally invasive techniques.

Herniated Disc Pain Treatment

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc occurs when the center of a disc slips outward, which can cause excruciating pain and is commonly the outcome of old age or injury.

Nerve Pain Treatment

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a condition that affects both men and women and can be caused by an injury, a surgical procedure, or an existing health condition.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can arise suddenly or can be a chronic sensation that is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, sports injury, or advanced age.

Pelvic Pain

Abdominal Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP) is one of the most common pain problems affecting women. Learn more about this condition.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Mild to severe neck pain is a common concern for countless individuals and is often caused by inflammation, muscle strain, slipped disc, or injury.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment


Sciatica is the term that is used to describe sciatic nerve pain and can develop from a slipped disk, spinal infection, bone growth, or injury.


Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis may be caused by various factors and can lead to numbness, weakness, and discomfort in several areas of the body.


Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve occurs when a large amount of pressure is placed on a nerve and needs to be treated to avoid permanent damage to the area.



Neuropathy is a condition that develops when there is damage to a nerve and can occur in varying areas of the body, causing unpleasant symptoms.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a condition that affects the limbs and can cause painful, uncomfortable symptoms that require treatment.


Joint Pain

Large and small joints can hurt when there is an injury to smooth cartilage that lines the joint, the connecting ligaments, or tendons.


Facet Joint Pain

Facet joint pain is a type of sensation that is generally isolated to the neck and lower back, which is usually the result of an injury or trauma.


Facet Syndrome

Facet syndrome is a spine condition that arises from deterioration of the facet joints or the structures that surround these hinges in the spine.


Spinal Arthritis

Spinal arthritis is a common type of joint disease that negatively impacts the structures of the neck and back as a result of advanced age or injury.

Lower Back Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease

Despite the name, degenerative disc disease is actually a condition that results from a damaged disc due to advanced age and can cause extreme pain.



Fibromyalgia can cause several painful and unpleasant symptoms and is treated through a variety of methods, depending on the patient.


Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a condition that develops due to an increased amount of pressure placed on a muscle due to an injury or another factor.


Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain can occur after the amputation of a limb and may need to be treated to allow you to live more comfortably and without pain.


Cancer pain

Cancer pain can occur in various types and be caused by a number of factors. Treatment may be required to eliminate pain for improved everyday life.


Headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines are classified as either primary or secondary and can be caused by stress, allergies, or an underlying medical condition.


Evaluation and Pain Mapping

Evaluations and pain mapping are comprehensive assessments that aid in identifying the type of pain and location of your discomfort for treatment.



A discogram or discography is an advanced imaging exam that uses x-ray technology and dye material to evaluate the health of the intervertebral discs.


Epidural Steroid Injections

An epidural steroid injection (ESI) is a nonsurgical treatment that is used to help reduce inflammation of the spine to decrease back and neck pain.

Nerve Pain Treatment

Nerve Blocks

Nerve blocks are specialized numbing agents that are injected into the body to temporarily stop the localized nerves from sending pain signals.



A rhizotomy is a cutting-edge procedure that utilizes radiofrequency technology to cauterize nerves to prevent them from sending pain signals.


PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is an injectable treatment that utilizes a patient's own blood to attain nutrient-rich platelets to stimulate the body's natural healing.



A vertebroplasty procedure is utilized to treat spinal compression fractures by injecting acrylic bone cement into the vertebrae to create stability.



A kyphoplasty procedure treats spinal compression fractures and kyphosis in order to reduce pain and discomfort and create a more aligned spine.


Percutaneous Discectomy

A percutaneous discectomy procedure is performed to alleviate pressure from a damaged intervertebral disc, allowing for diminished pain.


Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Peripheral nerve field stimulation is a minimally invasive procedure to effectively treat chronic pain that is caused by a nerve condition.


Lysis of Adhesions

Lysis of adhesions is a process that breaks down scar tissue in the spinal area and injects a solution to reduce inflammation and pain in the area.

Herniated Disc Pain Treatment

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a surgical procedure that implants a small device in the spine to redirect nerve signals to reduce neck and back pain.


Injury and Trauma

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may experience a variety of injuries that can require immediate attention and pain management.


Foot/Hand/Ankle Pain

Foot, hand, and ankle pain can occur due to an injury or a chronic condition that may require long-term pain management to alleviate symptoms.


Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries can occur for a variety of reasons and can cause a tear, pull, or strain to the affected area that may require care to treat pain.