Advanced Treatments

At Tricity Pain Associates, our Texas pain management specialists offer numerous advanced treatment options for patients suffering from various concerns linked to chronic pain. In order to properly treat lower back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain, our team offers kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, percutaneous discectomy, and peripheral nerve stimulation procedures. Additionally, we provide lysis of adhesions in order to break up spinal scar tissue and alleviate the associated chronic pain.



A vertebroplasty procedure is utilized to treat spinal compression fractures by injecting acrylic bone cement into the vertebrae to create stability.



A kyphoplasty procedure treats spinal compression fractures and kyphosis in order to reduce pain and discomfort and create a more aligned spine.


Percutaneous Discectomy

A percutaneous discectomy procedure is performed to alleviate pressure from a damaged intervertebral disc, allowing for diminished pain.


Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Peripheral nerve field stimulation is a minimally invasive procedure to effectively treat chronic pain that is caused by a nerve condition.


Lysis of Adhesions

Lysis of adhesions is a process that breaks down scar tissue in the spinal area and injects a solution to reduce inflammation and pain in the area.

Herniated Disc Pain Treatment

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a surgical procedure that implants a small device in the spine to redirect nerve signals to reduce neck and back pain.