Meet Jack Chapman, M.D.

Born in Ft. Worth and raised in the Texas Hill Country, Dr. Jack Chapman is dual board certified, a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology as well as American Board of Pain Management. He founded Northwest Anesthesiology and Pain Management in 1991, serving as a managing partner for over twenty years. For four years, he has served as Director of the Pain Division for the largest hospital system in southern Colorado. He returns to Texas to live and practice for Tricity in the New Braunfels area.


An honors graduate of Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Chapman completed residency and fellowship training at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. He worked as a clinical professor for Baylor’s Pain Fellowship Program, as well as faculty for Stryker, St. Jude’s, and Advanced Neuromodulation Systems. He is a member of American Academy of Pain Management, American Pain Society, North American Neuromodulation Society, and Texas Medical Society.


Dr. Chapman and his wife Tara, have six children, and enjoy spending time in Turks and Caicos, where they have a second home. They love to dive, explore the caves, and help with community issues including teaching native islanders how to swim, raising funds for a community pool, and providing assistance to Haitian refugees. Dr. Chapman is a long-time endurance athlete, having raced many marathons, Ironman races, open water swim races and recently competed in a race from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

Patient Reviews

When i heard about interventional pain management by a friend. Due to me have back pain and leg pain i needed to see someone fast and she recommended me to Dr. Vasireddy. And Dr. office for pain well called the number that she gave me and right away got a response. Erika called me back to see if i wanted to schedule a appt with there practice still after 2 hours of waiting happy to get a call from her. She nicely scheduled me near my location at Briggs asked me questions i asnwered them. Advised her when can i get seen with sooner she stated i can get seen with the physician assistant howard kagan, i said okay but for my follow up can i see Dr. Vasireddy. She said yes just let the receptionists know. Once i arrived to my visit right away i was greeted with a smile at the front desk her name was kristen she was very polite and answered my questions which ever i needed, gave me paperwork to fill out it was very detailed and very long the packet but very good thought to myself wow this is a every to fillout but better for the provider know my information. Once i completed my paperwork was given a extra pack which i read and said its a contract that i signed and i can get no medications from any other provider well pain medication which is understandable. And i agreed. A medical assistant called me back said my name is stephanie and smiled she took me to a exam room. She took my vitals and asked me some questions. She got a urine sample asked her why do u need this she stated it is protocol for all new patients to get a sample just to see if ur not take illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine etc... Advised her oh okay never had this done to me before thank u for explaining yourself. She politely told me the provider will be in shortly advised her does the provider know spanish she said some but the medical assistant can translate she knows spanish. The provider walks in right away he smiles and tells me his name and the provider introduces his medical assistant as brenda. She was very polite she answered my questions in spanish very well and explained some stuff that the provider couldnt. The provider starts getting my history and he examined me very down to detail and with the physical exam. I told him nobody has every examined me like u did today. After the first visit had a follow up with Dr. Vasireddy he greeted him self very well Dr. He explained my xrays of the back and he recommended a mri to give more detail whats going on with my back. Overall i feel great with the staff and providers i wonder how the other locations are well ill be back for my follow up soon and will be posting more updates about my ongoing treatment. ---LEE



I was referred by Dr. Homero Rodriguez, to come and see Dr. My lower back pain was terrible, could not sleep at night. I used to be a U.S. Paratrooper and I hurt myself. Dr. is so good that I been coming to him since 2002 . Dr. is the best and pays attention to me when I tell him where I am hurting and take care of the pain.



Best Pain Management Team ever! Dr. Murphy, Dr. Chapman & P.A. Sharon Feldman really care about their patients. I cannot recommend them highly enough. All of their staff are caring & professional. I would not let anyone else manage my pain.



Superb experience each visit. The staff in the office, in the surgery/procedure room which includes the best anesthesiologist ever, and in the recovery room are highly qualified and very companionate about their clients. Dr Murphy and Dr Chapman are phenomenal and truly care about decreasing your pain levels. The PA, Sharon, has made a HUGE difference in my life because she listens and uses her knowledge to make decisions or recommendations for me that are spot on and lead to a path of relief each and every time! She truly cares about all of her patients! They are one of the best medical teams I’ve encountered!



I was greeted with a smile and I waited only a few minutes for my name to be called. I was very pleased to meet Dr. Chapman. He is very interested in helping me with my physical issues. I’m looking forward to improving my health. Thank You to all the staff and Dr. Chapman



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