Cancer Pain in Texas

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What is Cancer Pain?

There are varying types and causes of cancer pain that may require pain management treatment. Cancer pain can also be either acute (most often caused by a surgical procedure) or chronic (typically due to damaged nerves). No matter what, it is essential to seek care for your pain to identify the underlying cause. At Tricity Pain Associates, our team of pain management specialists offers innovative treatments to help alleviate cancer pain. A series of tests and imaging exams may be conducted to rule out any other possible cause of your pain. To learn more about receiving care for your cancer pain, contact one of our Texas pain management facilities to schedule your initial consultation.

Symptoms of Cancer Pain

The exact symptoms of cancer pain can be dependent on the area that is affected and the type of pain but can typically include:

  • Pain when resting or doing non-physical activities
  • Pain in an area that has been removed from the body (phantom pain)
  • Discomfort when sleeping or the inability to sleep due to pain
  • Being unable to complete normal day-to-day tasks without pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches

To properly diagnose the type and area of cancer pain, we will perform a number of diagnostic tests and physical exams prior to providing treatment. We also need to rule out any other possible causes of the pain to ensure there are no additional complications.

What Causes Cancer Pain?

Cancer pain can occur in a bone, nerve, or soft tissue. Additionally, it could also be phantom pain in which a patient feels pain in an area that has been removed from the body, such as with mastectomy where breast tissue is removed. In all instances, the cancer is the main cause of the pain, but the intensity of the pain may be dependent on the type and stage of cancer. In some cases, pain can increase following a procedure that may have been performed to remove the cancerous cells. With spinal cancer, pain may occur in the back due to the tumor putting pressure on the spinal cord.

There are many factors that can contribute to cancer pain, and our team of pain management experts will work to understand your symptoms and cause of cancer pain for more accurate treatment options.

Treatment for Cancer Pain

Treatment for cancer pain will vary, depending on the patient, type of pain, and intensity of pain. In most cases, medication or therapeutic remedies may be first recommended to ease the pain. In more severe cases of pain, injection procedures may be utilized to reduce swelling and discomfort. A nerve block procedure can also be effective in treating pain that is caused by nerve damage. At Tricity Pain Associates, we work with you to help you understand your treatment options and provide all necessary aftercare instructions for the best possible results. During follow-up appointments, we may also make any needed adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

Reduce Cancer Pain

Cancer diagnose is already a lot to deal with, and you shouldn’t also have to worry about managing acute or chronic pain. At Tricity Pain Associates, we create customized treatment plans for your specific needs in order to eliminate pain. Contact one of our Texas pain management facilities to learn more and to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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